Apartment and Condominium Complexes

A well-maintained and treated parking lot can significantly enhance the overall resident experience and the aesthetic value of apartment complexes. Investing in professional parking lot treatments not only ensures a safer and more pleasant environment for residents but can also lead to increased property values and occupancy rates.

A smooth, well-marked, and clean parking space speaks volumes about the management’s commitment to maintaining high standards, fostering resident satisfaction and loyalty. Don’t let a neglected parking area tarnish your property’s reputation and occupancy rates. Let Andersen Asphalt instantly improve your curb appeal and resident satisfaction. 

Andersen Asphalt is flexible with working hours to break up the project into multiple phases to ensure as little disruption to your residents. Our product lasts longer which means less-frequent applications and long-term cost savings to improve profitability of your complex. 

  • Long-Term Cost Savings vs Competitors
  • Each Application Lasts Longer meaning Less Frequent Applications
  • Disrupt Residents Less Often
  • Less Parking Lot Downtime
  • Full Warranty (Which is rarely ever needed)

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