Asphalt Patching & Repair

Andersen Asphalt uses a variety of patching and repair techniques including skin patching, remove and replace, and full depth repair.

Andersen Asphalt is a family owned and operated asphalt patching and repair company. With our attention to detail and state of the art equipment, we help our clients restore their pavement. Our years of experience in the asphalt patching and repair business means we can quickly determine the right patching solution which will provide years of longevity.

Skin patching is an economical repair solution for small depressed or damaged areas. It involves applying a thick tack coat to the damaged area followed by new asphalt and then compacting it in place. If you need a short-term solution to potholes, crumbled pavement, or pooled water, skin patching is an affordable option. However, skin patching will not be enough to permanently address these issues. For more pavement repair options, contact Andersen Asphalt.

One little known fact is that surface asphalt is only as solid as the base underneath it. This is why it’s important to ensure a solid foundation. Simply paving new asphalt on a weak base can increase the likelihood of premature potholes or cracks. To really treat the problem, Andersen Asphalt offers remove and replace services to get rid of the damaged asphalt, install a strong base, and put down new layers of fresh asphalt pavement.

If you have fatigue (alligator) cracking in your pavement, full depth repair is a way to correct the issue and restore the strength of the asphalt. Full depth repair involves removing the damaged section of pavement completely and correcting the issues which may have caused the cracks. The asphalt is then installed and compacted.

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