AP4 Protects your asphalt from the elements and heavy use. That means your paved surfaces will have a longer lifespan and require less maintenance.

At Andersen Asphalt, we use the latest technology to apply asphalt preservation treatments to the pavement. This includes AP4 surface treatment, a method of sealing asphalt that can extend its life by several years.

What is AP4 surface treatment? AP4 is a sealcoat material specially engineered to effectively protect asphalt. It is a mixture of finely crushed slate, mineral fillers, polymers, asphalt emulsion, and water for workability. We use specialized rate-controlled spraying equipment to apply AP4 sealcoat to the pavement evenly and precisely. This ensures consistent coverage rates and a more uniform protection.

AP4 surface treatment provides a seal over the surface of the asphalt, protecting it from the effects of oxidation and moisture. The seal will protect your asphalt from damage and future cracking. You can be confident that your parking areas or roadways will be able to handle even the most extreme weather.

AP4 incorporates a high percentage of speciality engineered polymers that significantly improves resistance to chemicals, water, oxidation, and ultraviolet radiation. It provides added durability beyond standard sealcoats because of the polymer loading and high solids content. AP4 provides extra measures of protection to the asphalt binder by adding significant UV radiation protection, slowing and reducing the age hardening of asphalt, while maintaining its binding properties.

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