Asphalt Striping

Our asphalt striping crews specialize in shopping centers, business complexes, apartments, and private roadways.

If you have a paved roadway or parking area, it needs striping and signage. Safety and beauty are common reasons our customers have us stripe periodically. Either way, it’s important for pavement to always bear visible stripes. It’s also a legal requirement. Parking lots require a variety of striping and signage to be visible. It is important to clearly divide parking stalls so that traffic can flow smoothly. It can also be used to mark cross walks, ADA parkings, and slow zones, and provide direction to drivers and pedestrians.

When it comes to parking lots, line striping is used to mark where each parking space is located. That helps maximize the parking space, reduce confusion, and keep drivers safe. Andersen Asphalt follows the state ADA regulations to provide optimal accessibility for people with disabilities. Fresh line striping also provides an aesthetic boost to any asphalt surface. The black asphalt contrasted against the bright yellow or white stripes creates a stunning look for a parking lot.

You should check the striping on your asphalt every few years. It is important that the stripes be visible, so any fading must be quickly corrected. When your pavement stripes or signage starts to fade, contact Andersen Asphalt to have the problem quickly corrected. As a family owned and operated company, we prioritize attention to the details with our striping services. You can count on our team of experts to get it done right.

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