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If you have pavement cracks, it’s important to fix it quickly and permanently. Our Ogden based pavement crack sealing and road maintenance contractors use mastic for wide cracks, cupping, depressions, small potholes, open seams, and more.

Mastic pavement maintenance is ideal for correcting large cracks or distressed surfaces, without undergoing the difficulties of full repaving. It combines the flexibility of hot-applied sealants with the durability and load-bearing capacity of pavement. This makes mastic a versatile solution for filling potholes or utility cuts, leveling bridge approaches, and sealing cracks or joints. Mastic is a single component, aggregate-filled, pourable, polymer-modified asphalt binder. It is a hot pour material that forms a durable and flexible repair. Useful for leveling wide transverses or filling longitudinal cracks and joints, Mastic has a service life greater than 5 years. That means lower repair costs.

Before our Ogden based pavement crack sealing contractors apply a mastic patch, we clean the area of all dirt, moisture and debris. Once the mastic has been heated, our road maintenance team applies it directly to the distressed area. The pavement will be ready for traffic within 30-60 minutes. Because mastic is so fast and effective, our crews can quickly repair your asphalt pavement.

Andersen Asphalt is a family owned and operated pavement crack sealing company in Ogden. We stand by the quality of our work. If you have cracked or damaged asphalt on your parking lot or roadway, contact us to see if a mastic is right for you. You can be confident that you have a long-lasting solution that will restore the pavement ride and protect your asphalt for years to come. We proudly serve the communities of Salt Lake City, Logan, Layton, and Park City.

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We proudly serve the communities of Logan, Layton, and Park City.

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